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Reiki, Reflexology, Tarot/Oracle card readings and Meditation are all offered at The Healing Room. 

Choose from individual treatments, or try one of the combination treatments for a truly holistic experience! 

Choose your treatment and book below. 


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment that focuses on either the feet or hands (or both). During a treatment, the Reflexologist picks up on any imbalances in these areas and can then help your body to heal itself by stimulating these areas. It helps to ease stress and also encourages the body's own healing abilities.

 £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins)


Reiki is hands-on healing. There is no manipulation involved, and having a Reiki session feels very much like drifting off into a world of complete calm and bliss. It is deeply relaxing.

 £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins)

Intuitive Tarot/Oracle card reading 

An intuitive card reading is a gentle and loving way to experience guidance and spiritual counselling. Using my clairvoyant and psychic abilities I will look at what is going on in your life and give you a snapshot of the energies around you and how to overcome any obstacles you’re facing. *Readings are also available online via Skype/WhatsApp/FaceTime. Online readings are paid for in advance.

 £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins)

One-to-one Shamanic journey guidance

Going on a journey with the drum is a powerful way to obtain guidance, healing and direction by connecting with our spirit helpers.


The sound and rhythm of the drum helps us to enter into an altered state of consciousness, where we journey into the upper, lower or middle world to meet with our guides and helpers and to gain a deeper understanding of the issues we are facing.  It is a way to connect with out own spiritual guidance and expand our awareness and consciousness.

£80 (120 mins)








Healing MOT

The Healing M.O.T. is THR’s signature treatment that combines Reflexology followed by Reiki and an intuitive Tarot reading.

 £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins) £80 (120 mins)

Healing Booster

The Healing booster is one of The Healing Room’s most popular treatments. It consists of Reflexology followed by a Reiki treatment.

 £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins) £80 (120 mins)

Healing Insight

The Healing insight is a treatment designed to combine healing with guidance and consists of a Reiki followed by an intuitive Tarot reading.

 £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins) £80 (120 mins)

Healing Meditation

The Healing meditation is a unique treatment that combines meditation and Reiki to provide an exceptional relaxation experience.

 £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins) £80 (120 mins)

Healing Combo

If you’re not sure what treatment you would like I can use my intuition to help you decide. Simply book out a time and we can decide when you arrive.

 £40 (60 mins) £60 (90 mins) £80 (120 mins)

Contact us for more information. 

Location: Please note, all treatments take place at The Healing Room, Wantage, OX12 8AE. www.the-healing-room.net

*All online readings and distant Reiki treatments must be paid for in advance to secure your booking