Never has there been a more important time to come together with your soul group family, connecting with others to receive healing and spirit-led activations. Coming together as a group, whether it's for meditation, healing and journeying, is incredibly powerful work. and will help remind you of the beautiful being of light that you are. 


We are all one and we are all connected and coming into a circle space helps us to feel this.

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Healing Activation circle

Each guided meditation session focuses on a different theme for you to receive the healing and spiritual upgrades you need in your present moment reality. Simply relax and allow yourself to receive and be guided. 

For this session, we will be connecting with our Warrior King to reclaim our power.


3rd June, 2021



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Reiki practice circle

Gather with others who practice (any form of) Reiki and be guided into a self-healing session, whilst also receiving Angelic Reiki healing. Channelling Reiki in a group setting is deeply restorative and powerful.


20th May, 2021



🐭🦁🐷🐸🐻🦊ANIMAL MEDICINE🐨🐼🐧🦈🐙🐍_

Shamanic journeying circle

**Currently unavailable**


A chance to gather with others and journey into an altered state of reality to meet our spirit helpers for healing and guidance.