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There are so many ways to connect with spirit, we simply need to learn the tools and techniques to use to make it possible. 

Shamanic drumming journeys

Find out how one to one shamanic drumming journey sessions can help you access your own deeper wisdom, and empower you to find the solution to every days stresses and challenges with the guidance of your spirit power animals and spirit guides.

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Shamanic Journeying Circle

Gather with other like-minded souls in circle to journey together and increase the power of your connection to your Power place and your guides. Journey on the same theme to assist and help each other through sharing our experiences.

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Meet your Spirit Guides workshop

We think we walk alone through life but this is not the case. We are spirit at our core, and we all incarnate with a team of guides and helpers to assist us on our journey. This workshop gives you the tools and practices to help you open up to their presence. 

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Unlock your Psychic ability workshop

We are in essence 'beings of light' and are so much more than our physical bodies. We have spiritual senses (Clairsenses) as well as our physical senses, and this workshop gives you tools and practices you need to discover these abilities within yourself. 

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