We are magnificent beings of light, multi-dimensional and powerful. We just may not necessarily know it yet! To discover our true selves, all we need to do is go within, connect with our inner light or SoulSelf, and let our own soul lead the way. 


There are many ways we can do this, through meditation, healing modalities, or learning to work with our Higher self and Spirit Guides.  

All my workshops and circles are designed to empower you, to help YOU discover your power as a spiritual being. To understand that you're far more than just flesh and bone.

The teachings I offer include:

All workshops are currently offered via Zoom. Private group workshops can be arranged, minimum 6 participants. 



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Image by James Coleman

Meet your Angel guides

Have you ever wondered what your Guardian Angel is like? Do you want to know how to connect and speak to your Angel?

This Masterclass is a 101 in creating a greater connection with your angels.


3rd July, 2021

9.30am to 1.30pm



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Reiki practice circle

Gather with others who practice (any form of) Reiki and be guided into a self-healing session, whilst also receiving Angelic Reiki healing. Channelling Reiki in a group setting is deeply restorative and powerful.

In this session, we will be working with creating a closer connection to your Reiki Guide. 


29th July, 2021



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Healing activation circle

Each guided meditation session focuses on a different theme for you to receive the healing and spiritual upgrades you need in your present moment reality. Simply relax and allow yourself to receive and be guided. 


For this session, we will be working with Rose quartz crystalline light to activate the heart. 


5th August, 2021