*Oracle Card reading: 2 ~ 8 Mar. BEAUTY



Oracle cards and Tarot are a powerful and beautiful way to connect with spirit. They serve as pointers and can bring through loving messages to help us in times of need. Using my clairvoyant abilities, I connect to the spirit realm and receive the messages that will help you move forward in life, help you overcome any obstacles you’re facing, and understand what you're experiencing on a deeper level. These readings can help with any situation, whether it's your physical life ~ your job, home, relationships etc., or your inner life, your spiritual path and your growth as a soul. 


An intuitive reading does not take the responsibility away from you, but it does help shine a light on the issue, give you hope, and helping you to see the best way forward.

Rest assured, you do not need to be present with me in person to receive a reading, they are equally as effective via Zoom. When doing a reading I work with your energy, and this can be accessed across all time and space, there are no barriers to readings.

Combining an Akashic record clearing session with an Oracle card reading is a deeply powerful way to work. Not only do you get spirit-led guidance on where you are in your life in this present moment in time, but you also receive the clearing you need with issues that have been explored during your reading, helping you move forward with ease. These two sessions work together beautifully.

How Zoom readings work:

Step one: Download Zoom on your computer, or the app on your phone. https://zoom.us/

Step two: Ensure you can see yourself and hear yourself on Zoom - you may need to adjust your settings.

Step three: When you book, you will automatically be sent a Zoom link and password. Make a note of the time and date of your session, as well as these Zoom details.

Step four: At the allotted time or a few minutes before, click on the link and join the Zoom session.

Step five: We will then connect via Zoom for your session.

*Intuitive card readings can also be combined with an Akashic record clearing session.

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