An intuitive card reading is a gentle and loving way to experience guidance and spiritual counselling. Using my clairvoyant and psychic abilities and working with my spiritual Team of Light, I will look at what is going on in your life and give you a snapshot of the energies around you and how to overcome any obstacles you’re facing, or to understand what you're experiencing on a deeper level, using Tarot cards and Oracle cards.


A reading does not take the responsibility away from you, but it does help shine a light in the darkness, give you hope, and help you to see the best way forward.

In-person reading or online reading

Rest assured, you do not need to be present with me in person to receive a reading, they are equally as effective via Zoom. When doing a reading I work with your energy, and this can be accessed across all time and space, there are no barriers to readings. 

How Zoom readings work:

Step one: Download Zoom on your computer, or the app on your phone. https://zoom.us/

Step two: Ensure you can see yourself and hear yourself on Zoom - you may need to adjust your settings.

Step three: When you book, you will automatically be sent a Zoom link and password. Make a note of the time and date of your session, as well as these Zoom details.

Step four: At the allotted time or a few minutes before, click on the link and join the Zoom session. 

Step five: We will then connect via Zoom for your session.

*Intuitive card readings can also be combined with a Reiki in the Healing Insight offering below.

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