The spirit realm can help you to create real changes in your life. You are so much more than just a physical being, you are a magnificent being of light! Let me work with you in Spirit guide-led guidance, or healing from the Angelic realm, to help you on your journey through life.


Spiritual support is ALWAYS available to you. They are just waiting for you to ask! 

I really look forward to helping you to make changes in your life. Contact me if you have any questions on the sessions I offer or book directly with me below. 

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Angelic Reiki

Receive a deeply healing treatment guided by the Angelic realm. Available via zoom or in person.



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Akashic record clearing

The Akash is your record of life, where everything your soul experiences is stored. Some of these records may be holding you back and it is time for them to be cleared so you can move forward with Grace. 



*Oracle Card reading: 2 ~ 8 Mar. BEAUTY

Intuitive card reading

Receive spirit-guided messages through Oracle (and Tarot) cards to help you heal, move forward in life and gain a greater understanding of your life purpose. Available via zoom.




Healing activation to strengthen your intuition

A one to one session to fully align you with your intuitive skills, remove blocks to listening to your intuition, and help you gain confidence in the information you get.




One to one Tarot or Oracle card teaching

Discover the magic of Tarot or Oracle cards in individual tuition sessions. How to use them for reading, healing, or meditation, for yourself or others. Available via zoom.