Oracle cards are an incredibly powerful way to help us when we feel we can't see 'the wood for the trees'.


They can really shine a light and give us clarity when we need to make decisions and gain understanding around our circumstances.


Here are some good questions to ask when using Oracle cards.


What do I most need to know right now?

What will help me the most during this situation?

What is the best way forward for me?


Simply post your question in the checkout box or via email (remember to state your name clearly), and I will reply with the information my psychic senses and my Guides give me through the card. If you don't have a question you want to work with, simply ask for 'Guidance please', that way my Guides can give you information that is the most relevant to you at this time.


For more detailed guidance, visit the shop for the 3 card Oracle reading, or book in for a one to one Zoom Oracle reading.

1-card Oracle card reading ~ via email

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  • Simply post your question in the checkout box or via email to, making sure you state your name clearly.

  • The reading will be delivered, where possible, within 48 hours during working hours.


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