Have you had a really vivid dream and you just couldn't work out what on earth it meant?

Did it seem really random but you just know it's trying to tell you something?

Have you had a very strange dream that makes no logical sense?


Dreams are a common way that our Higher self and Spirit guides try to communicate with us, but sometimes, even though we know that a dream is trying to tell us something, we struggle to see the message. 


In the same way that I can read Tarot and Oracle cards and objects (psychometry) I can also use my psychic abilities to interpret your dream. Simply describe your dream to me via email, and I will reply with the information my psychic senses and my Guides give me to help you see the guidance that has come though for you in your dream. 


Bear in mind that not every dream needs interpreting, this is for those dreams that just feel different.

Psychic dream interpretation~ via email

£15.00 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price
  • Email a description of your dream to Remember to state your name clearly.

  • The dream intepretation will be delivered, where possible, within 48 hours during the working week.


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