"The best gift you can give to yourself or the planet is to work on yourself"

~ paula horan

The Reiki practice circle does exactly what it says on the tin! it is a place to gather with others who are attuned to (any form) of Reiki as a way to continue your practice, ask questions, and be guided on a self-healing Reiki journey. PLUS we will gather with the Angelic realm so that you also receive Angelic Reiki throughout the session. 


Sometimes, once you have completed your Reiki training level, you can feel as though you have been set adrift to continue to practice on our own. Coming together with others who are also practicing Reiki can really help you to feel connected, and having a safe and confidential space to ask questions can be helpful for all students, whichever level they are attuned to. I offer this space so that you can feel fully supported on your Reiki journey.

We will begin the session with a fully guided self-treatment session (much more powerful when done in a group), whilst also receiving Angelic Reiki that I will transmit. This month we will be bringing in the magical power of Archangel Aurora, the Angel who works with peace and transitioning through the dark night of the soul. 


A Reiki self-treatment often gets put to the bottom of your to do list, so gift yourself this time to RECEIVE!


The Circle runs one Thursday a month via Zoom: 7.30pm - 8.30pm.

The investment for the circle is: £11. 

Contact me here for more information or book your place below!

Bring: make sure you have water with you and a snack, as you may need to ground yourself afterwards. 

Reiki practice circle ~ 7.30pm-8.30pm
Gather with other Reiki lovelies for practice and to receive beautiful Angelic Reiki.
30 Sept, 19:30 – 20:30 BST