Going on a journey with the drum is a powerful way to obtain guidance, healing and direction by connecting with our spirit helpers.


Shamanic journeying is an ancient spiritual practice of connecting to non-ordinary reality found in cultures all across the globe. 'Core Shamanism' is generally the tradition taught in the West, brought into being by Michael Harner.


Humanity has used Shamanic journey for thousands of years in order to gain wisdom, healing and personal growth, as well as help and answers to life's challenges. Shamanism teaches us that we are connected with all of life and that everything has a spirit. Using the drum we can connect with these spirit helpers.


The sound and rhythm of the drum helps us to enter into an altered state of consciousness, where we journey into the upper, lower or middle world to meet with our guides and helpers and to gain a deeper understanding of the issues we are facing.  It is a way to connect with out own spiritual guidance and expand our awareness and consciousness. 

If you have never experienced a Shamanic journey, and would like to know more about it, book in to one to one Shamanic journey session where you are guided step by step along the process in a safe and help space. Book in here.


If you have already learned how to take a journey, and would like to meet with like-minded souls to practice this powerful technique in a group setting, come along to the Shamanic Journeying Circle where you can journey with others in a safe held space.*



*Some experience is necessary, although beginners are welcome. If you have never experienced a Shamanic journey, please book in for a one to one session first. 

Location: Please note, sessions are held at The Healing Room, Wantage, OX12 8AE.

Shamanic Journeying circle
Come together and experience the healing power of shamanic journeying. Each month we will journey with a different focus for healing, insight and the evolution of our spirit. This month, we will be exploring a powerful technique to release trapped emotions!
Time is TBD
The Healing Space,
27 Market Place, Wantage, UK

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