spiritual mentorship

Spiritual mentorship is an ongoing process that can really help you to understand your spiritual self and feel empowered to overcome obstacles. Each session is a combination of intuitive guidance, healing work and guided meditations. Each session is individually tailored for what you need in that moment and we create a plan for you to move forward.

It can be tricky to navigate this life and my intuitive and psychic abilities are here to help you.  I am not here to do the work for you, but instead to walk alongside you on your path for as long as you need through your difficulties. The aim is to empower YOU!

Issues can include:

Patterns you find yourself repeating where you find yourself asking: 'Why does this keep happening to me?'

Feeling like you have 'blocks' to moving forward, and you feel like you're 'stuck'.

You're opening up to your intuitive abilities, but you don't know where to go next or what to focus on.

Wanting to understand more deeply your dreams, your feelings and your history as a soul.

Finding a way to access your spiritual helpers and to deepen your connection with spirit.

We focus in on a particular topic and work through it together in either single sessions, or in 3- or 6-session packages. All sessions are conducted via Zoom.

How Zoom sessions work

Step one: Download Zoom on your computer, or the app on your phone. https://zoom.us/

Step two: Ensure you can see yourself and hear yourself on Zoom BEFORE the session - you may need to adjust your settings.

Step three: When you book, you will automatically be sent a Zoom link and password. Make a note of the time and date of your session, as well as these Zoom details.

Step four: At the allotted time or a few minutes before, click on the link and join the Zoom session.

Step five: We will then connect via Zoom for your session.

***Book in for one 60 minute or 90 minute session; or 3-part or 6-part sessions are also available in the Spiritual mentorship plan.***

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